Volunteer with us!

There are many ways to help the Coastal Resolution Project. One of the biggest ways is to simply join a beach cleanup, restoration project, or educational outreach program. For more info on that go to the "Join a beach cleanup" page. 

For individuals that want to join our staff and help organize this group, please read the following information.....

Hello interested individual,

here at the Coastal Resolution Project, our number one source of strength is from other passionate people like yourself, In order to save Washington coastal ecosystems, we need the people to be dedicated to this topic. That is why we are giving YOU the chance to join our staff. Currently we have more than 6 roles to fill, and that includes:

  1. Habitat restoration coordinator

  2. Water quality control team (2-4 people)

  3. Wildlife expert

  4. Legislative advisor

  5. and more!

If you, or someone you know would be interested in filling one of these roles, please contact us directly at coastalresolutionproject@gmail.com