Questions and answers about the coastal resolution project

Why is the Coastal Resolution Project Important?

The Coastal Resolution Project is important because in Washington state, our marine ecosystems are at a breaking point. On the brink of collapse, what will the residents of this region do to help? The Coastal Resolution Project will help the public find ways to improve marine ecosystems, and address environmental concerns through legislation. We are here to protect and defend, and that is why we are important. 

What makes the Coastal Resolution Project different from other environmental groups?

We are a teen lead group, and we carry passion, care, and understanding. We are the future generation, and it is up to us to protect our future. But really, the Coastal Resolution Project is not that different from many other groups, and we don't try to be. We are here to increase efforts to protect and defend marine ecosystems. Will we find new ways to help? Yes! Will we do things other environmental groups have not done? Yes! We are only here to save the coastal ecosystems. 

What is the long term vision of the Coastal Resolution Project?

The long term vision of the Coastal Resolution Project is to allow coastal ecosystems in Washington to recover, replenish, and adapt to climate change, ocean acidifcation, and sea level rise. If we want to save our coastal ecosystems, we will need to make sure they are strong, ressilent, and recovered. 

What inspired the founder (Anson Nash) to create the Coastal Resolution Project?

Since Anson was a child, he always had a deep passion and love for the environment. He always enjoyed spending time outdoors, and that had a great impact on his life. In 2016, a science teacher named Brian Raven passed away without notice. Brian also had a great impact on Anson, and since his passing, Anson has dedicated his life's work to Brian Raven.

How often will the Coastal Resolution Project host community events?

On average, once a month. Sometimes there may be multiple a month, and other times there may be no events in an individual month. Make sure to check the blog, and "Join a beach cleanup" pages. 

What is the best way to spread the word?

Follow us on social media, Instagram/Facebook @coastalresolutionproject and share our info with friends and family.

Also please continue to follow our website and share it as much as possible. But don't forget that the number one most important way to spread the word, is to just talk about the environment and how YOU can save it.