Moving forward

The Coastal Resolution Project has completed its first beach cleanup! It was extremely successful and we are all grateful to everyone that came. Next month fall begins, and now is a good time to briefly discuss moving forward.

In September, we will host another event. The time and location of this event is still being figured out now, but we need to have your feedback on those details. If you have an idea of a project you would like to see completed, please email us at .

We are still building our staff, and we would love if you or someone you know could fill out one of our roles. We already have two new staff members joining soon! We are also writing some legislation currently that will be sent to Olympia, and we would love to get some feedback from people about what issues they want to see addressed, and why.

Finally, we are planning on making some short films soon, and in order to pay for everything, we would love if you could consider donating to our project. The details on how to donate can be found on the "Donate to the Movement" page.

We look forward to the future, and all the bright and passionate individuals that will come with it.


Anson Nash

Founder of the Coastal Resolution Project

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