Anson Nash



Anson has volunteered for COASST ( Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team) through the U.W. He has also worked with scientists in the field conducting research. He is very passionate about educating people on the environment, and as the founder of the Coastal Resolution Project, his number one goal is to create a community of people who care and protect for the environment. Anson is currently in Edmond's community college where he is working for a degree in Sustainable Landscape Management.


Zoe Reynolds



Zoe volunteered at the Seattle aquarium for 2 years. There she interacted with the public and talked about why coastal ecosystems are important. Zoe is currently attending school at North Seattle Community college where she is working for a degree in marine biology. Once she gets her degree, she aims to study and observe narwhals with the hope of increasing the amount of understanding and protection. Zoe is also a talented artist and plans on animating her discoveries.That way she will engage more people and help them have a better appreciation for the ocean. Zoe helped create the Coastal Resolution Project because she wants future generations to enjoy nature the way she has.

We are currently looking for committed, and passionate individuals who want to help the Coastal Resolution Project save the Sound. If you, or someone you know would be interested in joining our staff, please go to the "contact us" page and shoot us an email. We appreciate all help!


Kiran Lingappa


Kiran has spent almost his entire life in the Puget Sound area, and he is happy to call it his home. In Seattle he volunteered with the Seattle Aquarium where he helped interpret on the floor, and help inform people on beaches. He also has volunteered with the Seattle Science Center, where he helps both on the floor and in shows. In his travels around the world, he has discovered that the only way to accomplish any serious situation is by communicating and working together. He loves the Puget Sound, and whole world. As the head of public outreach, he hopes he can spread that love to all.