All completed cleanup and restoration projects will be posted here, with info on the project.

8/10/19: Lincoln Park Beach Cleanup West Seattle

We spent 4 hours on the beach at Lincoln park, and we filled up two large garbage bags. With a team of 8, we found many different types of pollution, ranging from cigars to crab pots. We are satisfied with our work, and we were happy to leave the beach cleaner than when we arrived

9/28/19: Carkeek Park Beach Cleanup

We spent sometime at Carkeek park in Seattle and cleaned up quite a bit of trash! We found lots of cans and pieces of glass, as well as lots of styrofoam. 

11/17/19: T-107 Park in Seattle

Our most successful cleanup yet! We found tons of trash, from needles to plastic bottles, styrofoam to fireworks. Glad we could help

1/26/20: Alki Beach in West Seattle

We found lots of small pieces of pollution, and were happy with the 9 community members who showed up!